Our Pricing


Talent Pipeline’s clients have the option of six purchase plans designed to appeal to a range of business types and sizes.

Charging is from month to month (in advance) and clients can upgrade or cancel at any time (see our Terms and Policies).   

Post vacancies across our network from just £3 per job!

Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Using External Recruitment Agencies

  • 3,500Average Fee Per Hire

    The average fee from an external Recruitment Agency for a placement is approx £3,500.

  • 1Number of Roles Filled

    You will only fill 1 position for the £3,500 external fee.

  • 10CV's Receive

    On average you would receive 10 CVs from the external agency.

  • 9Candidates in Pipeline

    Which leaves 9 applications/CVs which you could keep for future vacancies. (if you do store them together).

Internal Team Using Talent Pipeline

  • 2,490Average Fee Per Year

    Our Annual SME Business Package costs just £2,490

  • 240Number of Roles Filled

    You will get the opportunity to fill 240 positions for the £2,490 annual SME Business Package

  • 2,400CV's Received

    If you received an average of 10 applications per role, you would receive 2,400 applications/CVs

  • 2,160Candidates in Pipeline

    This will give you 2,160 additional Candidates/CVs in your Pipeline to call upon in the future.

Small Enterprise to Global Businesses