About Us

Our quest is to give in-house recruitment teams greater access to both live and passive candidates.
Job seekers do not like to sign up to generic job boards because they are bombarded by external recruitment agencies seeking candidate leads.

We match more passive candidates to LIVE opportunities directly from the employer 
- cutting out the middle-man and allowing companies to make considerable savings along the way.

What makes Talent Pipeline different

Talent Pipeline is an exciting HR Tech business which aims to give more resourcing power to Internal Talent Teams to source the best and brightest talent.

Low Cost - High Impact

Our costing has been set to grow with your business, giving smaller companies and start-ups the same opportunities as large companies to showcase their business to LIVE candidates.

No Agencies

We only have Employers and Candidates - we don't have external recruitment agencies on Talent Pipeline.

Employer Branding

Talent Pipeline understands the need for strong employer branding and EVP to be at the forefront of attracting  the best and brightest talent.

Fully Editable Profile

Accessible, Engaging and Relevant - create and edit your company profile and employer branding as you wish, include news, awards, product launches and changes as and when you want.

Display All Your Jobs

Showcase all the vacancies you have under your company profile - Talent Pipeline is a bridge to your online career page.

FREE Applications

You will never be charged for a successful placement - we are not an agency, we are an HR Tech company supporting your internal recruitment team.

GDPR Compliant

Talent Pipeline is fully compliant with GDPR securing all the data held is encrypted under our SSL Certification

Access Anywhere 24/7

Access your employer branded profile, job listings, candidates and more from anywhere in the world. Fully secure with our cloud-based technology.

Manage Applications

Manage all your applications online, creating your own talent pipeline with every vacancy you post.


All your job postings are posted on Social Media at least once - Gain even more exposure with our Social Media Package or our Featured Jobs Package.

Talent Chat

Talk directly to candidates at every stage of the hiring process with our online applicant tracking system.

Save Money

Save thousands of pounds compared to the cost of using external recruitment agencies - consider your average cost per hire - now  CLICK HERE and see how much you could save!

LinkedIn Apply

Talent Pipeline has made it easy for Candidates to apply to Direct Opportunities using the 1-click Apply with LinkedIn

Facebook Apply

If more of your potential employees use Facebook rather than LinkedIn, do not worry Talent Pipeline has you covered as well with our 1-click Apply with Facebook.

Mobile Friendly

Talent Pipeline is made with the end-user in mind as over 48% of candidates search for jobs via a mobile device. So it is even more exciting news that our Android & Apple App will be launching soon.

Why fish in a new pond?

The talent pool is being over-fished and the waters are very murky.

Talent Pipeline is not re-inventing the wheel; we are simply finding a way to bring candidates and companies together, matching candidates to LIVE opportunities directly from the employer. 

We recognise that there is considerable competition to attract and retain the best talent for your business.  For years, companies have depended on external recruitment agencies and recruitment consultants, mainly because they had neither time nor resources available, but this is changing rapidly. Companies recognise the business and cultural advantages, and considerable savings, that they gain if they build and resource their own in-house teams to attract and retain the best talent. They recognise too that they must consider their employer branding and their EPV as this will provide an advantage in a highly competitive market.

The opportunities provided by digital and online solutions has levelled the playing field, but at the same time it has encouraged the proliferation of independent and agency recruiters which has simply increased competition in the market- and ironically, the same recruitment agents that have helped in the past are competitors today.

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  • 34,502LIVE Talent
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  • 3,371Avg SAVINGS per job